Fisher boys {utah children photographer}

I still can’t fathom having twins…. I still can’t believe my dear sweet friend Heather has twins! I was so happy to have Talen and Gaven in front of my camera again AND big brother Camden joined us for a few pictures. I loved that she carved out and brought along a few pumpkins for some Halloween pictures!

Gardner Family {Utah Family photographer}

The Gardner Family is near and dear to me. I’ve mentioned it when I did their pictures before but this is my son’s “other family” He spends most of his awake time with Dax and Cam. My daughter also loves to play with Gus. I love that these kids all get along so well and live so close. Gus was at my house playing right before we went to do these. I told him it was time to go home and get ready for me to take his pictures.  He was so excited. He jumped up and ran home.  Made my day! I’ll be honest, this year was a little more wild than last year as far as the session went but with 4 boys it’s to be expected. Cal is the youngest and probably did the best. I think he loved having the attention on him. And who can resist those dimples???

Gabriel and Everleigh {Utah children photographer}

It’s amazing how much kids change in a year! That is why I think it is so important to doccument it in pictures. Gabriel is at the stage of girls have cooties….including sisters. Ha! I can tell that he has a really big heart tho. Everleigh is still has so much energy. A little less than last time we met but she is only 4 so thats what I expect.  These two are adorable…..I mean cool, Gabriel, cool!