Evolving Workshop with Abbey Kyhl

WOW! All I can say is WOW!!! Abbey Kyhl is one of the photographers I look up to. I have been looking forward to this workshop for months and I absolutley loved every second of it.  I went to it hoping to get some ideas on how to run a successful business. Not only did that happen, I also came home feeling like I knew exactly what I needed to do. Abbey showed us exactly what we need to do and how to break everything down into manageable pieces.  She showed us her system from start to finish on how she takes great care of all of her clients.  She explained the reasons behind each part of her business. I am so excited implement these. More than anything she has motivated me to want to be a better mom and wife. Over the next while I will be making changes in how I run my business so that it will run more efficiently but more importantly I will be making changes in my life to be “in the moment” with my kids. Putting my phone away so that my kids will grow up knowing that they were important to me.  She also put together the most beautiful styled shoot at Thanksgiving point with some of the best vendors such as Jacki Miller Photo & Design, Alex Crabtree Hair and Makeup, Something Vintage Something Blue, Mark Keysor Videography, and Sugar Patch Cakes. Every detail was so well planned and thought out. The couples were so genuine, sweet and patient. A huge THANK YOU to them for taking the time out of their busy schedules. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! #evolvingworkshop


Cousins and Grandmas are the best! {utah and california photographer}

In case you can’t tell from the last few posts, I spent some time in California with my sister and her family. I really wished they lived closer. After we did Kaliya’s newborn pictures I took a few of my mom with her grandkids and my sister’s mother in law with her grandkids. I really wish someone could have been there to record the chaos. It was comical. Just culling thru the images after I got home made me laugh.  This first set gives you an idea……2014-08-05_00122014-08-05_00132014-08-05_00142014-08-05_00152014-08-05_00162014-08-05_0017

Sheila–Thanks so much for being so good to my sister and treating her as one of your own!