Mybree and Caleb Formal {utah wedding photographer}

This was wild….. This couple was married in the Logan temple and the reception was in Pleasant Grove. Due to a major traffic jam they didn’t make it to the reception until about a half hour after it started. :/ Needless to say we didn’t have any time for pictures. We decided to come back another day and do some formals. Well, we live in Utah, and this was during the springtime,  so the weather went from beautiful sunny to major wind/rain storm in about 20 min. They were such troopers. Thankfully the rain held off for a few minutes and we were able to get a few.  Thanks for letting be be apart of your big day. It was so wonderful to meet you guys and your families. Best wishes in the years ahead. 2014-08-03_00302014-08-03_00312014-08-03_00322014-08-03_00332014-08-03_00342014-08-03_00352014-08-03_0036

Mybree and Caleb’s Wedding Day {Utah Wedding Photographer}

And here is the big day for these two! Congratulations!!! I was so happy to have my brother along to second shoot with me. He has such amazing talent. This day started in Logan and ended in Pleasant Grove.  Due to a major traffic situation we didn’t have any time before the reception to take pictures. But don’t you worry, we came back another day and did some formals. Stay tuned for those. That was an adventorus day as well.